Moreau Paris in San Francisco, the new classic tote

Last month, I headed to San Francisco to meet some of my closest girlfriends who have recently settled in the Bay area with their families. We had an afternoon of shopping downtown where the new Moreau Paris boutique has recently opened.

Founded in 19th century Paris, Maison Moreau was the epitome of luxury leather goods. From glamorous trunks to iconic prints, this infamous French brand has always remained a wealth of heritage. Since 2011, the historic label was reborn as Moreau Paris in hopes of its revival in the luxury travel accessories market. Adding an array of fresh, modern weekend and shoulder bags, the king of leather has returned better than ever.

I always knew that having a Moreau bag in your collection was special, but I didn’t realize how far from ordinary the bags literally are. With hand-sewn seams combining unique pieces of antique leather, the Moreau leather style is so distinctive that no two bags are alike. Talk about exclusivity and a little piece of French history all in one!

The brand’s limited collection of bags are handmade in France, but make sure the next time you are in San Francisco to pop into the gorgeous boutique on the bustling corner off Powell Street in Union Square or you can now visit their new London boutique at 21 Bruton Street.  You can see the whole collection here:

For Orders Contact:  Moreau Paris 345 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA +1-415-398-1110

Thank you Moreau for having me at your beautiful store!