That’s Devoré!

  1. a velvet fabric with a pattern formed by burning the pile away with acid.
    “a devoré top”

About 10 years ago I remember being on Ebay and coming across a black velvet devoré Hermes sweatshirt with a big burnt out H in the middle.  I remember thinking, ‘OMG this may be the greatest item of clothing I have ever seen in my life; I have to buy it!”  I was pregnant at the time, nesting in my new home in Montreal and buying everything to prepare for baby.  A vintage Hermes sweatshirt listed for $1000 was not at the top of my necessities list.  Needless to say, I didn’t buy it and I still think about it once in awhile and how today, if I had bought it, it would probably still be one of my favorite items in my closet.

I find something so elegant and special about devoré pieces, they are somewhat of a rarity, so it is no wonder that I gravitated to this L.K. Bennett dress.  In the last couple weeks since getting this black, velvet, off the shoulder, corseted, devoré dress, there hasn’t been one evening cocktail or dinner invitation which it wouldn’t have worked for. That’s how I know, not only will I get great use from this dress this year, but also for many years to come. I’m very pleased that I got my hands on this black devoré piece for it to makes it way into my closet to stay.

**With a corset hooked inlay in the dress for great support, it gives the dress a more fitted and polished silhouette.

The must-have L.K. Bennett item for everyone is the faux fur scarf in the loganberry (purple/mauve) color.  It looks like real fur and is so soft that it feels like real fur, but the great news is – its not, its faux fur!  This amazing faux fur scarf is currently on sale for £67 on the UK site and is $295 on the US site and also comes in black!  I have thrown this scarf over two of my coats this week, worn it alone with a t-shirt and kept it on my shoulders over this dress at dinner.  The faux fur scarf is the absolute perfect Christmas present for your best friend, sister, mom, grandma, aunt, mother in law (don’t forget her!) or even yourself, you deserve it!

lk bennett velvet holiday dress lk bennett velvet holiday dress


Dress |  L.K. Bennett 

Faux Fur Scarf |  L.K. Bennett

Boots |  L.K. Bennett